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Upcoming Events

Experience profound change in your life when you bring your subconscious into the equation. I hope you find something for you! 

How it works

Level 1 Group Hypnosis.

($40 a la carte, $100 for 3 sessions to be used within 2 months. Non transferable)

This is for you who have not been in any of my meditations. This provides the practice and groundwork for level 2 and onwards which will utilise less time in getting INTO the space in order to experience. Stay here if you still find difficulty in going into that wonderful theta brain wave state. Practicing this has many benefits including cellular housekeeping, releasing of negative emotions, 

Level 2 or 3 Group Hypnotherapy

(level 2 and level 3 pricing at $60 a la carte, Packages here.)

Starting to get juicier. Now is the time we can explore. More. In order to bring in deeper change.

There may be answers you wish to seek, conflict to resolve. Perhaps you wish to explore a past life or Cut energetic cords to someone who is plaguing your mind. 


Price varies

Short informative workshops - parenting, enjoyable childbirth and Somatic preparation for labour.

Or it could be a series of hypnotherapy sessions in a group setting to bring healing into a particular issue.

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