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Hypnotherapy - why it works so well

Therapy is such a good thing. I am so happy that getting therapy is getting socially acceptable now. I remember that when I was younger and asked for a psychologist, my mother looked at me like I was crazy to even ask for it. The stigma that came with it was unacceptable. These days therapy is no longer for the mentally insane. It is for those looking for growth.

As with most things, being able to talk about things dissipates some of the shame. We are evolving very quickly. Self awareness is a sign of elevated evolution in the consciousness. Should I say was? Humans are pretty egotistical, and we thought the thinking, rational consciousness drives our behaviour. We know differently now.

The subconscious is the seat of all memories, programming, imagination and emotions - and it is the driver of our reactions, way of living, addictions, resistance to change etc..... It takes many conscious sessions of effort and willpower to change behaviour.

Hypnotherapy however accesses the subconscious directly. Communication to the subconscious results in rapid and lasting change.

This is provided there is nothing in the way of change. Motivation is an essential ingredient. However, in some cases, there is resistance - usually from a belief formed at some other event. It could have even been childhood trauma that your conscious mind have no access to (or even think to remember).

This is where skilled hypnotherapy comes in. This branch of hypnotherapy requires regression therapy skills. It is very important that your therapist (me!) is well trained in this to handle all sorts of reactions.

What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is a relaxed mental, physical, emotional state. You are aware and in control the entire time. There are many words for this state - less scary ones. When you meditate, you get into a hypnotic state. You get into a hypnotic state when you first wake up and when you're about to fall asleep. It has got to do with the brain waves.

A very conscious brain wave state is fast - this is called the Beta state. As you get more relaxed, your brain waves shift into the alpha state. This state has lots of benefits to it with alert calmness and increased happy hormones. This is a good state to take an exam in - or to learn. Light hypnotherapy work can be done in this state. As you go deeper into relaxation, you go into Theta brainwaves. Pain perception is altered here. Finally, there are delta brain waves which are most common when asleep. Some meditation masters are able to exist and function in this dream state.

It is very pleasant to be in a state of hypnosis. Our bodies and minds love it. Our cells are rejuvenated. We connect more easily with ourselves - and therefore to all around us. When hypnosis is used as a tool in therapy, life changes rapidly.

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