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Subconscious Work

We work with the storehouse of all our beliefs, accumulated over our lifetimes; The programs are the undercurrents underlying our behaviour and attitude towards love, life and success.

Hypnotherapy help
Holding Hands

Hypnotherapy initiation

1 hour 

As we meet and acquaint for the first time, we will learn about the reason you have come to me. I will show you just how wonderful it is to go into a natural state of hypnosis. The first session will always be pleasant, light and you will already integrate lessons in that moment and see changes the following days. Thereafter, we will come up with a plan for future therapy sessions.


Sessions thereafter usually go on for 1.5 - 2 hours each and spaced for better integration of healing. Packaged prices are available for better affordability.

Elevator Door

Peel and discover

approx. 1.5 hours

Years of blocking emotions and pain have kept you disconnected to yourself. While it had served you well until now, you are now aware that the same problem keeps popping up and appears bigger than ever. The hardest part is you don't even know why. Let's begin peeling the onion and resolving whatever we find. Find awakenings, hope and joy.


Pain and other physical manifestations

approx. 1.5 hours

Ever wonder why you have a persistent headache or physical problem that hurt beyond medical explanation?

Heavy emotions such as stress, resentment, discontent (and this list goes on) result physically in our bodies. A wise man once said, 'Tears with no vent cause organs to weep.'. Once you have been given medical clearance, we are able to work together on the other causes. Sometimes, all you need to do is to release a stuck emotion.


First, we will deal with the immediate discomfort and then with the help of your subconscious, clear any remaining blockages. 

Weight Loss
Jumping Dancer

Look and Feel Great


We cover a variety of strategies to get you on track to looking great but more importantly, feeling great. There are different areas we can work on depending on your needs. Your relationship to healthy eating, exercise and body image are some areas. 



1.5 hours

Have you lost someone close to you....and you keep holding on to the grief despite years passing? Experience of loss is universal. Grief is a natural part of the healing process. Sometimes moving through grief can be stormy and seemingly endless. This session will help ease this passage, remembering and honoring the departed while allowing yourself to let go.

Germinated Plant


Package of 6 sessions

Trying for a baby via IVF can be very stressful especially during the embryo transfer. Hypnosis during the embryo transfer process has been documented to be useful at increasing the success rate of IVF. (53% with hypnosis vs 32% without) With hypnosis as support during the entire process, this rate can be increased. An initial session will prepare you for the entire process. I will provide tools that will support you for the daily injections and the Wait. 

Lotus Flower


Package of 5 classes and prenatal session

Includes Birth support

Hypnosis in Birth helps change perception of birth, lowering pain perceptions, bringing confidence and anticipation, reducing tears and empowering the mother in this transformative experience. More information can be found here

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