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The Purpose here is to

change patterns in your life
that no longer serve.
A purposeful, peaceful life is manifested.

I specialise in bespoke client-led therapy for change.

I'm not here just to make you feel better because you have someone to talk to. You can call a friend for that. I am here for the ones who are fed up of putting up with their lives and wanting change. I am that friend who can guide you into your space of wisdom so you can do what is right for you.

Lasting change comes from a complete therapy often missed out on by professionals. While there is relief from awareness, rarely are we able to find profound change in our lives when we leave the limiting programming in the subconscious.

My holistic approach to therapy focuses on bringing awareness to the root of issues in your life and rewiring your subconscious using a safe method of hypnosis. Everything is done with your consent. You are safe in my hands.

You are not alone in navigating your life even as the captain of the ship. Every leader has great advisers. My purpose is to facilitate you on your journey to a new state of freedom, with a greater sense of purpose, alignment, and calm clarity. You will find circumstances change, enriched relationships and make decisions you needed to.

All I require from you is your commitment to yourself and trust in the process


Radical Therapy
that works

I am Lorraine.

I started out as a birth doula, bringing women into hypnosis, to reach transformation into motherhood without need for  medical intervention.

I now also help people bring transformation into their esteem, their feelings, their relationships and lives. They become healthier, stronger, happier and empowered. 

All by using a series of alternative healing tools that help reprogram the subconscious.

I am a trauma-informed certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner and inner child healer. I am a mother of 2 highly evolved children who are my teachers and joy. I look forward to a peaceful world filled with courageous conscious beings. Love will be the norm.

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