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Dive deep into your subconscious

Dark Ocean

The key to your healing

Many of us believe we are conscious, thinking beings 100% of the time. We already know that we only use a small portion of our brain. What you might not know is that we are running on programs that have been downloaded at various points of our lives. These programs sit within our subconscious - a non-judgemental recording system. Many of these programs run the way we approach life, the way we feel about things, our triggers, our anxieties, our relationship patterns, our addictions, illnesses and more. Most of the time, we don't know on a conscious level why we do the things we do.

My therapy style allows you to discover and rewrite these programs quickly and effectively. Profound, lasting change can be yours for you to live a happy, beautiful and wonderous life.

Seventh Circle facilitates

A non-exhaustive list of reasons you might see me and how I might help.

Image by Ronaldo de Oliveira

Difficult Love Relationship patterns & Divorce support

This include patterns of falling for the 'wrong' man or woman. Creating drama in relationships. Infidelity. Fears of commitment.

Clients report better control and more calm in difficult relationships post session. This has been especially supportive during a divorce process.

Image by Dave

Work Stress and Trauma

If the work space is giving you anxiety, disorientation, stress and it may even manifest in physical symptoms.


Perhaps it is time to consider new tools for clarity, calm and direction. 

Lunchbox therapy also available pre pitches/meetings for subsequent clients

Spiral Staircase

Stuckness, resentment, guilt, self destruction

It is all too common to block out these feelings only for it to manifest in destructive behaviour like extreme anxiety, alcoholism, risk taking behaviour, gambling, self sabotage or workaholism.

A hidden part of you knows how to resolve this.

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 Dental/Medical procedures

Your mind influences how you feel, how you experience pain, how much medicine you absorb, how much you bleed and how well you recover.


These sessions are helpful for dental work, aesthetic work, injections, cancer treatment and surgery.

Purple Abstract



Your spiritual journey might have already begun or just emerging. Perhaps you want to know if there is 'more'. You may be near the end of your life or losing someone close to you and need support in letting go. You may wish to connect with the beings who have always been with you or experience God. 

Image by Alex Hockett

Birth Fears and Trauma

Fear of birth has been normalised. Did you know bringing those fears into labour causes excruciating pain - preventing a connected, pleasureable birth?

Perhaps a prior birth trauma is preventing you from anticipating your next birth or simply interfering with parenting.

Fit Woman

Weight Loss


You are ready to lose weight and you want to change some old stubborn habits.

I look at your health holistically and we make a plan. We employ hypnotherapy to tune your body and mind to your new life as a healthy and fit individual.  

Image by Kenny Eliason

Space Clearing

Your space can often by 'littered' by energies that do not serve you and your family. Energies that were unintentionally left there by people or other beings.

Symptoms include disharmony, bickering, 'bad luck' and a general uneasy feeling.

Space clearing is done with plant energy and cosmic energy work. I will also cleanse the inhabitants.

In a Meeting


If your company is people-oriented and provide mental health support, engaging my services would mean better and quicker integration post existentialist events or traumatic tasks such as firing.


I am also able to provide group hypnosis for your different departments based on your goals - sales, general congruency of values or vision setting.


Experience rapid therapy in your healing journey.

I'm Lorraine.

I feel touched to be welcomed into your space to bring awareness, healing, love and change. 

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and regression specialist. I serve in many areas but specialise in areas of love, family, birth and death.

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